Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Questions....thats all I have are nothing but questions.

Here I am, buying scratch off after scratch off, from my favorite bodega. $1 here, $1 there, and Lindsey Lohan has the nerve to cry in court. What was she crying for?(Shaking my darn head)
Did she not know that if you dont abide by the court, that its a possiblity you will be sent to jail?

Now please help me understand, afterall this is about you and I having conversation. It boggles me that the simple things we should do, we don't do at all. How many times have we said we were going to double up on a bill the following month. Then we end up going from pillar to post, trying to catch up.
All Lindsay had to do was abide by the court system. Go to all of her meetings and stay out of trouble.

That simple?

I sometimes wish that I could pull money from a tree. In any increments of my desire. What a fantasy! However, to watch the news and hear about Lindsey Lohan being a talented girl that simply can't get it together. *Shaking my Head* Makes me want to stay broke.
So tell me, is it really worth having so much money? Million dollar homes and cars. The exquisite taste you suddenly acquired when you recieved your first check?

Listen, I liked Freaky Friday and I'm not knocking Lindsay Lohan. I hope she gets the help she needs, but come on. Let me help you figure out what to do with your time and money Ms. Lohan. My mother has always told me, dont envy what others have, because you dont know how they got it, or what they are doing to maintain it.



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