Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Basketball Season 2010

What will Lebron James decide? Everyone in New York, is wondering, if Lebron will decide to play for New York Knicks or (Brooklyn) New Jersey Nets. Since i couldn't care either way, I will keep tonight's blog short.

First all of my fellow NYC neighbors, where did they get all of this money for advertisements? Is that the money that they saved by laying off the majority of our city workers? Is this why our bus services have been cut? I hope Mayor Bloomberg is using his millions to fund this " PLEASE COME TO NEW YORK LEBRON JAMES campaign.

What is in Lebron James incentive package? Who is paying for him to live in lavish million dollar homes? What if we still don't win a championship? Which one of you will start going to Knicks and Nets games if Lebron picks our town? How much are you willing to pay for those tickets? Did you know that we are a part of paying their salary. The majority of their salary comes from endorsements.

Is the Dolan family going to raise our Optimum Cable prices? I'm sorry, i just thought about that. Pull out your IO Optimum bill and tell me if you are willing to pay more? These are things we don't think about. As always, I do, because you and I are having a conversation.

Let the countdown to Lebron James decision begin.

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  1. What is most bizarre about this whole thing is that we're a selfish people. We have so many things going on in this world with wars, rumors of wars, miseducation of history, past and present, and a black president who is being sabotage at every turn. I hate this Lebron didn't even consider informing his employer that he was leaving, but these are not to be our role models in life, or are they? As Michael Jordan stated "He is not Kobe, he's the best player in the league"! That is almost like God saying "the devil is a liar" true words...Anyhow, as the circus continues into 2011, we'll see if the the fruition of selfishness, and selflessness can work together...But wouldn't it have been great if he came to NY with all that fanfare, especially after the Yankees owner passed away, well if his baseball is any indication that true stars can rise togehter, we'll see. Until then the Lakers are the team to beat!!