Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guess Whose Back!

Hey everyone, sorry for the crazy hiatus. Had some computer technical difficulties. Now my computer is fixed, therefore let's move on! I've been brewing topics of discussion for some time. Most I wrote down, some I did not. I'd rather start with the most recent activity, that has caught some crazy attention.

First and foremost, T.I. I am not very happy with him. Here he is, a man who did his time (a sweet bread jail time at that). Involved with the movie TAKERS, got an AXE endorsement, a clothing line, and has a music company. He was probably securing more business ventures.


T.I., why couldn't you wait till you got back to the hotel? Who still drives around too smoke marijuana, unless you still live with your mother. Heck, your grandmother. (Laughing out Loud moment)
Wait....should I be saying allegedly? I don't have any money, so I don't want to be sued. SO....Allegedly, this is how Mr. and Mrs. T.I were caught. The smelllllll....coming from the car......

My question is: Who benefits from T.I. being incarcerated for 11 months?
Yes, we can say a million times, "O everyone makes mistakes". Duh, common statement used time and time again. Sigh.. 11 months. No Thanksgiving, nor Christmas, o damn, no New Year's Eve. Let me spell out shaking my head.

T.I. just got married. Sigh... There's chicks still waiting to get married. Already Mr. and Mrs. T.I. can't enjoy the first year of marriage. Sigh.... SMH.
What about the children? Mostly boys, really SMH now. No holidays spent with their dad, so not fair.

The way I feel about this situation, and I can tell you, because we are just having a conversation. I'm trying not to be judgemental and I wont, because, yes we all do make mistakes. However, as I asked before, "Who is benefiting from T.I. being away for 11 months?

AXE is one company that will benefit. Since they dismissed T.I. as their spokesperson, they are saving money. How much was that endorsement? (Think about it)

The biggest group who will benefit; The Haters, or I like to call them: The Stagnate Ones. They have nothing to lose anyway, because they like no one. I mean, if I'm wrong, I'm assuming you wouldn't spend money on an item you don't like, therefore, you wouldn't purchase. This group of people were just sitting back watching like leeches for T.I. to fall.

Stagnate- to stop developing, growing, progressing or advancing.
To be or become sluggish and dull.

I like that last definition.

T.I. did tell the judge he needed help, with the hopes he will just get rehab.
No Lindsey Lohan for you buddy!


  1. well tashb i think some of theses entertainers dont understand that u are in the camera and government eye and like u say y y y would u ride in a maybach wit bud for just dont make senses
    the more money u make the more dumb u get and its sooo crazy all theses new endorsements and now theres a great chance u can lose it ....hit me if im wrong and when u start ur sports blog i want in lol

  2. no i do not think u r wrong. Endorsements arent just handed to someone so easy. They have to pretty much earn it, i believe. Past me some of those endorsements, I would probably never leave the house.